Reading the Bible Together – an opportunity to be encouraged to read more of the bible as we commit to read through the bible book-by-book and to read it together as a church.

How does it work?

Many people find reading the Bible difficult, many people give up on reading it all and many people give up reading altogether. RBT groups have helped people of all ages (from 11 to 90) to read all of the Bible, perhaps for the first time.

The groups run monthly. Each month everyone reads a part of the bible, usually around 10 chapters. Some may listen to the audio recording of the book. We get together towards the end of the month to share what we have learnt. This kind of scheme has been well received in many churches. Old and young, new Christians and old learn from each other and enjoy real fellowship.

We have a daytime and an evening feedback meeting each month. Check out our notices page for details.

Why not sign up to RBT at Bethel and see for yourself?

RBT Question Sheet PDF

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